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5 tips when moving house

5 tips when moving house: where to start and how to organize it.

Starting a new chapter in one’s life and moving into a new home is always an exciting time, but the actual ‘moving experience’ is not always so good and many people fear it. Where do I start? What do I throw out and what do I take? How do I organize it so that nothing gets lost on the way? These are just some of the doubts you may be having, so if this sounds like you, then keep reading! Today we have some practical tips for when you move to make it is less stressful.

Forget about ‘just in case’

A common ‘mistake’ is to take absolutely everything to your new home. You need to stop and think: Do I use it? Do I need it? By pausing to reflect, and at times trying to remain quite dispassionate, you are bound to be able to get rid of many things which, apart from taking up space, will also increase the cost of your move. Therefore, this could be the perfect moment to ‘start again’ and renew. Take this opportunity to dispose of clothes and other personal items that you don’t need.

A ‘survival’ kit

You should bear in mind that moving house will take several days before you are 100% settled in. Thus, unless you can take some days off work, you are going to need your basic essentials so that you can carry on with your day-to-day routine as normal: prepare 2 or 3 changes of clothes, pyjamas, bed sheets, towels, and other items for your personal toilet. If there are complications with your move, you will have everything under control until you can find the time to open boxes and get everything back in order. Don’t forget your personal documents!

How to start packing

It is important not to mix everything up, and so we recommend doing it room by room. You can use pens in different colours to label the boxes and distinguish different rooms, which will help you to tell them apart visually.

In addition, you can draw up a list of what is in each box, giving you more control when you reach your new home.

* Tip: if you are going to dispose of bed sheets or curtains, you can use them one last time to wrap fragile items.

Removals firm?

Do not hesitate to use one, especially if you are taking large or heavy items of furniture such as wardrobes, beds, or chests of drawers. It will be much easier to dismantle them, move them, and then assemble them again at your new home.

We’ve arrived!

It’s done… Now we just have to put everything away! Our tip? Large items of furniture first. If you have called in a removals firm, let them assemble everything and put them when they need to go. Once you have wardrobes, chiffoniers, beds, and all other furniture in place, you can start unpacking the boxes room by room. We recommend you start in the kitchen, followed by the bedrooms and bathroom, given that these are the rooms you will use the most to start off with. The dining room can wait a little longer!

Once you are settled in…you can enjoy your new home! You might find it useful to look at our post with some ideas for the layout of your reception/dining room and … start getting the most out of it!