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tips for organising your wardrobe

5 tips for organising your wardrobe and welcoming in the summer

No doubt you have wondered about the best way to organise your wardrobe when the summer arrives. The change of season is the ideal moment to sort out your wardrobe. You will need to put some time aside for this task rather than attempting to switch everything over in a flash. Remember that a tidy wardrobe saves time and space. So here are 5 tips on how to take the opportunity of the change in the weather to put your wardrobe in order and get ready for the summer.

1 > Arrange your clothes by type

The first step to having a tidy wardrobe is to sort your clothes by type of garment. Don’t mix up your trousers with your skirts and tops if you want a coherent closet. Remember that it is better to hang up long garments, such as dresses, coats and trousers, whereas you can save space by storing your tops in drawers.

2 > Arrange your folded garments vertically to save space

When reorganising your wardrobe, if you want your clothes well organised, rather than stacking items on top of each other, it is better to fold them and position them vertically. This creates more space and, as an extra bonus, all your clothes will be clearly visible.

3 > Make sure all your clothes are clean

During the task of rearranging your wardrobe, check your clothes to make sure they are clean and spotless and have not become dusty or dirty during storage. This way, all the garments in your wardrobe will be ready to wear. Also check buttons, zips and seams and make any adjustments that might be required. Remember that if you want your clothes to last and stay in perfect condition, you need to look after them.

4 > Store your accessories on shelves

Summer is the season for wearing lots of accessories. Sunglasses, hats and necklaces all add an extra dimension to your look, but if you don’t have them to hand, autumn will arrive before you have a chance to wear them. So, arrange your summer accessories on the shelves to make it easy to choose the right ones to match your outfit.

5 > Look after your shoes if you want them to last

The final piece of advice concerns making sure your footwear has a longer life. When the season changes and you swap your boots for sandals, thoroughly clean the shoes you are not going to use and store them in boxes to protect them from dust and temperature variations. Arrange the shoes you are going to wear tidily rather than on top of each other so they do not get misshapen.

If you follow these 5 tips, preparing your wardrobe for the summer should be a simple task. Remember, it is important to put some time aside for this job, because everything else... will be plain sailing!


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