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This Christmas, let’s give smiles! Gestilar joins in the Cooperación Internacional campaign.

There is nothing like seeing a child smile, and even more so at Christmas. They are the undisputed protagonists of this season, but unfortunately not all children can enjoy Christmas to the full. Therefore, this year Gestilar has been keen to participate in the solidarity initiative known as ‘A Smile for Christmas’ run by Cooperación Internacional, a non-profit NGO that works on projects such as development co-operation, volunteering programmes, and other co-operation initiatives with a variety of institutions in over 30 countries. Because the fact is that between us all, we can do A LOT!

How can Gestilar and all other companies that have joined the campaign help? The mission is to ‘decorate’ a solidarity tree in a very special way: the organization has sent out some envelopes containing a Christmas bauble to hang on the tree and a card in each one. Employees can choose between a blue envelope, which alongside the bauble contains the name of a boy or girl for whom they must buy a present to place under the tree, or a red envelope, through which they can make a donation to the account number stated in the card inside.

Subsequently, Cooperación Internacional will collect the presents and take them round the various social bodies in Spain so that no child is left without a present this Christmas.


Why do we believe it is positive to form part of an initiative such as this? Without doubt, it is a way of transmitting the values of the organization to the team, where in addition to being able to fulfil themselves as professionals, they are encouraged to form part of the business philosophy in their own workplace, improving their motivation and reinforcing the good working environment.

And the fact is that the importance of Social Corporate Responsibility is becoming ever more evident as companies, which were once just commercial undertakings, also become a ‘showcase’ for values in and amongst society, and a reflection of the responsibility they acquire to the circumstances that surround them.

As this is the first time that we are undertaking an SCR activity at Gestilar, we are particularly delighted to report how it has been so generously received, and given its aim, how it has been greeted by our team with such warmth and dedication.

If you are reading this and would like to take part in this initiative, you can make a donation! You will find all information on the campaign website:

As well as all this, Cooperación Internacional is very busy this Christmas. How about giving them a hand? You can join their team of volunteers, participate in some of the 300 plus solidarity activities, and you can also distribute food to over 3,000 people and offer solidarity breakfasts.


At Christmas and all year round... let’s give lots of smiles!