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In search of the ideal workspace: Gestilar inaugurates new offices

There is no doubt that 2017 is a year of change and evolution for the company, and given the success of its activity, its increased workload, and the recruitment of new professionals at its head office, it is now inaugurating a new spacious open-plan working environment.

According to the chairman of Gestilar, Javier García-Valcárcel, ‘we favour an open space and office design that contributes to stimulating innovation, business growth, and creativity. The aim is to attain maximum individual and collective performance from the team, and this is only possible by striving for the satisfaction of the human capital that makes up the business.’

And the fact is that, as he himself says, the combination of two methodologies has been key for this new project: ‘on the one hand, Design Thinking, which is nothing other than placing the individual at the heart of the creative process, and then, on this basis, discovering the needs that we want to fulfil; and secondly, but no less importantly, Transformative Design, which focuses on the functionality of organizations.’

In this expansion we may highlight the new meeting rooms where there has been an emphasis on new technologies, given that they are all equipped with interactive screens that will streamline communication and administration, both at internal and remote meetings, designed to enable privacy while at the same time encouraging the inter-connection of departments.

In addition, the layout has been meticulously thought out according to the needs of each department, so for example the sales department is more enclosed and protected to ensure the team has privacy and can focus properly. In contrast, for the marketing and technical department there has been a firm commitment towards innovation with the development of tools that will be key to clients.

By way of innovation, a room dedicated to finish quality and experience has been created, where clients can see and feel exactly what the finishes will be like in their new home.

And because it should not be all work and no play, Gestilar has also given thought to rest-time for its team, including a new disconnect zone where employees can find the perfect spot to take a break and chat at length with colleagues.

‘We wanted to go one step further and transform the conventional office into a place for a proactive team’. The aim is for this space to become a strategic tool that has a positive influence on the behaviour and emotions of the team making up Gestilar.

At Gestilar we support talent and continuous training. As such, we believe that the workspace should be governed by co-operation, focus, and team inter-connectedness. A significant proportion of the team is made up of millennials, and the new concepts they bring with them, combined with the experience and history of Gestilar, combine to make up a solid working team where we all work towards the same vision, mission, and values.