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How to create a home workspace

How to create a home workspace in 5 steps

What if the key to your success rests on working in a place that inspires you? These ideas will help you to set up the perfect work space.


An inspiring position

Choose somewhere with plenty of natural sunlight and, if possible, with pleasant views out of the window. First, weigh up the pros and cons of the suitable spaces you have for your workspace and choose whichever best meets your needs, while taking account of other factors such as noise, whether other people will be walking through the area, etc.

The ideal option is a medium-sized room which you can dedicate solely to use as an “office”.

How does this workspace with views of the Madrid skyline grab you?


At Isla Alborán we have found the perfect corner.


And how about stepping out onto your own private terrace to get some fresh air and recharge your batteries? Here are a few examples at Isla Alborán and Isla de Ízaro. You certainly won’t feel walled in here!


In the latter development, we also suggest this room with an enormous window:

Getting the furniture right

Choose an L-shaped table to make the most of the space by positioning it in a corner. If possible, place the shortest side of the desktop against the wall and put all the documents, printers and other things you need to have to hand on this surface. Position the longer side against the window (or part of it) to create a spacious and comfortable home workspace that benefits from plenty of light, as well as “a view”. 

Stimulation or relaxation? Colours are key

We tend to think that when creating a home workspace we should go for light and neutral colours, but this does not always have to be the case. What kind of work do you do? Is it somewhat mechanical? Is it highly creative? Is it stressful or are you able to work at your own pace? Make an assessment of your work conditions and, based on these factors, add more or fewer splashes of bright colours to the room.

For instance, yellow and orange activate the brain and stimulate communication, whereas a nude palette engenders a more serene and relaxing environment. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to add some greenery. It injects a natural feel and creates positive energy. 

The role of ambience light in your home workspace

To give yourself more room, rather than using flex lamps or table lamps, opt for hanging lights or halogen lighting, which produce a more unified “ambience” and shed light evenly around the entire area. 

Don’t forget to add a personal touch

You are going to spend more than 8 hours a day in this room, so make it your own! Think about things that you like, that motivate you, something that might not mean anything to others but is very special to you. Go for it!


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