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Gestilar: More digital, more responsive, closer to you

A first for Gestilar Gestilar is launching its website with a new design. This new site, which is more modern and intuitive, will provide users with an optimal experience, irrespective of the technological infrastructure used to access it.

In full detail.

In an effort to ensure that our clients can see the Gestilar projects in which they are interested in full detail, of particular note are the attention-grabbing videos and photo galleries arranged in a carousel or slide show, making it possible to show our exclusive homes in a highly visual and attractive manner: a complete virtual visit, almost as though you were there.

We want this new website to be another information reference point to which our clients can turn when they want to be up to date with the progress and status of the various Gestilar property development projects, wherever they may be. To this end, there is a section containing up-to-date information on said progress and on the availability of said exclusive homes for sale.

Furthermore, each fact sheet for our developments contains interesting information such as the name of the architecture firm hired to design the exclusive homes, as well as the characteristics and location of these developments, among other information. The information file on the project in question is also available for download.

In keeping with the Gestilar philosophy and the exclusive nature of its homes, a new Client Area is currently under development. In this private and exclusive area, future owners will be able to access all up-to-date information on their home in a customised manner at any time, and will be able to select quality, finishes and improvements.


Do you have concerns about the area where a Gestilar project is being developed? Do you have news of any events in the sector? What are the current trends in decoration and design? These and other questions will also be addressed in the new Gestilar blog: we want you to have reference information that could be of use to you, both as you make your purchase and thereafter. We are closer to you than ever.

With the same values and a new image, wants to be the most influential website in the property sector. Welcome