Cal Font • Igualada


A fusion of classic and contemporary in the centre of Igualada

Townhouses of new construction in Igualada

Located in a beautiful area in the heart of the city centre, the Cal Font residential development is built on a Z-shaped plot of land facing southwest to north-west. Homes designed with well-lit rooms and straight lines that endeavour to maximise the feeling of space, with a combination of organic materials such as stone and wood and smooth paints in various tones to produce a cosy feel and a contemporary, elegant appearance.

Furthermore, these homes are designed in order to be as sustainable as possible with the use of sunlight, thus also meeting the criteria for a B energy rating.
This exclusive project incorporates the façade of the old Cal Font home, combining the style of current design with the beauty of the existing architecture, the most notable elements of which include the spacious terraces on the first floor.

Unique spaces, in the heart of Igualada, where one can experience the dynamism of the city, with its active lifestyle, while at the same time enjoying the comfort provided by the facilities at Cal Font.

Custom Finishes

Energy Rating B

Architectural Aesthetics



  • 2 bathrooms
  • 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms


  • Garage
  • Terrace
  • Gated community

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The Cal Font exclusive housing project has been developed by Madrid-based Touza Arquitectos and TMA Arquitectura from Barcelona.

Touza Arquitectos is one of the foremost firms in residential architecture in Spain. Found in 1975 by architect and town planner Julio Touza Rodríguez, this firm has more than 40 years’ experience in more than 2,000 projects of various types, with the more than 20,000 homes planned over this time being of special note.

TMA Arquitectura is an architecture firm founded and led by Oriol Tintoré Espuny. Since 1984, it has developed projects in the private and collective residential sectors. In its 33 years of operation in the residential sector, TMA has designed some 4,000 homes and various residential plans in Spain, Morocco, Brazil and Mexico.







The project is located in a beautiful area, in the heart of the municipality of Igualada in the district of Anoia (Catalonia), with its abundance of commercial and cultural activity.

These exclusive homes are located next to the municipal library and the bustling Plaza de Cal Font,and are surrounded by the main commercial streets in the area (Passeig Verdaguer and Rambla de Sant Isidre), with access to all municipal services, leisure areas and the best restaurants and cafés.

State of Construction:

Start of Construction September de 2016
0 %

Earth moving

Works prior to the implementation of the project on the ground. These range from clearing the ground to prior excavations required in order to lay the foundation

0 %

Foundation and structure

These are the elements that will bear the load of the building. The structure transfers this load to the foundation, which in turn distributes it across the ground

0 %


All works designed to put the enclosure of the building in place. The structure transfers this load to the foundation, which in turn distributes it across the ground

0 %


All networks and equipment that provide the building with the necessary electricity, water, gas, telecommunications and other services

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