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6 bathroom decor styles

Decor-Guide: 6 bathroom decor styles, ideal for giving your home a fresh new look

With the end of summer holidays, it's time to set goals for the new year and face September energised. New plans, challenges and to-do lists should inundate your agenda to tackle the final stretch of the year. As home is one of the most important places in your day to day life, don't pass on the chance to freshen it up. If you want your home to be synonymous with the future – regardless of whether or not it is a new-build – we propose 6 bathroom decor styles to give the room its own unique identity.

1. Classic style

The classic style never goes out of fashion and when it comes to decor even less so. So, if you are thinking of giving your bathroom a facelift, go for antique wood furniture combined with floral wallpaper. For a touch of colour, add curved, gold-toned fittings.

2. Modern style

On the contrary, if you like to your home to reflect the latest trends, we recommend a modern style for your bathroom. Select tiles in mosaic form and in full colour to create a perfect atmosphere. Also, remember to take a look at the latest trends and notice the geometric shapes for furniture as well as shelving.

3. Industrial style

Likewise, if you have fallen victim to the charms of the industrial style in your home decor, the bathroom can be nothing else. Select rectified tiling that imitates cement and bathroom furnishings with metallic elements. Install a stained-glass window as a wall to create two spaces in the same bathroom. Don't forget to leave the pipes exposed for a personal touch.

4. Rustic style

We must not forget the bathroom decor found in bed & breakfasts. A rustic style is a sure hit for these as it maintains the essence of the entire home. Wood is the main protagonist for the floors and walls, not forgetting the furniture. Natural stone for the washbasin is also key as are light fixtures that emulate antique lanterns. To complete the bathroom decor, select clay or ceramic accessories.

5. Minimalist style

Often less is more in interior design and bathrooms are no exception to the minimalist trend. So, if you like this style, don't forget that the simplicity of shapes and colours should predominate. In addition, choose suspended furniture with interior space for organised storage and to give the impression of a clean and clear bathroom. To finish off the decor remember not to use loud shades; give preference to neutral shades.

6. Urban style

Finally, if none of the above options matches your taste, we suggest an urban bathroom decor style. For this style, LED lighting takes the leading role, creating a unique atmosphere. Tiles tones tend to be dark, black being the colour par excellence. To create contrast, ideally choose sanitary fittings and furnishings of steel or aluminium combined with glass.

In short, with this bathroom decor style guide gives you the chance to choose the trend that best fits to your home. What is important is that no corner of your home is missing your touch. Don't forget it!

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